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Affirmations Written by Ms. Jasztal:

Read Chapter 3 from my book Aspire to Be, called "Aspire to Be Strong".

Read Chapter 5 from my book Aspire to Be, called "Aspire to Be Accepting of Yourself".


Only a few of these resources are affiliated with Teachingvision.net. They are noted. I am not affiliated with any of the other sites.


7 Habits of Effective Kids/Teens, also known as "The Leader in Me":

  • The Leader in Me Activity Guides
  • Video: Jannah Bolin Sings the 7 Habits

    Angela Maiers: You Matter:

  • Angela Maiers: The You Matter Manifesto
  • TED: You Matter

    Genius Hour and Similar Resources:

  • EngageTheirMinds: Terri Eichholz: Genius Hour Resources
  • Genius Hour in Mr. Sean Farnum's 3rd Grade Class
  • Joy Kirr's Livebinder
  • The Genius Hour Villains
  • The Quest: Taking Genius Hour to the Next Level
  • Thrively


  • 1: How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference?
  • Visionary Mom | 7 Ways to Teach Our Kids to Live Their Dreams
  • "Boosting Achievement with Messages that Motivate" by Carol Dweck
  • Confidence Activities (PDF) from Polk Mentoring Alliance
  • Dove Self-Esteem Prokect
  • The MIND Up Curriculum | Hawn Foundation, Scholastic.com
  • Self-Esteem Activities from Kidshealth.org (Grades 6-8)
  • TED: Don't Eat the Marshmallow! (Delayed Gratification)
  • TED: Life is Your Talents Discovered by Sir Ken Robinson
  • TED: The Power of Introverts
  • TED: The Puzzle of Motivation
  • TED: To This Day, For the Bullied and Beautiful
  • The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem from Experiencelife

    Embracing Your Passions:

  • 4 Habits of People Who Follow Their Dreams
  • The 5 Great Lessons Walt Disney Taught Us (with quotes)
  • BAM Weblog
  • Gabrielle Jordan (Started Jewelz of Jordan)
  • Jack Andraka (Pancreatic cancer researcher)
  • Jacob Frey (Animator who made "The Present" and was ultimately hired by Disney)
  • Limbitless Solutions: This group from UCF in Orlando, Florida has designed tailor-made prosthetics for individuals. It all started with Alex Pring, who had a visit from Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. My friend's son works with this incredible group.
  • Marley Dias (Grassroots Community Foundation; Twitter hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks)
  • Neha Gupta (Empowering Orphans)
  • Quin Etnyre (Arduino expert and maker extraordinaire)
  • TIME Magazine's Most Influential Teens of 2015


  • 5 Boys Befriend the Bullied-- And Change Lives
  • 50 Ideas for Anti-Bullying Week
  • Bullying, No Way: Anti-Bullying Resources
  • Desert Survival | A Team Building Activity
  • Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness (From Ms. Jasztal)
  • Only You Can Help to Save Fred | A Team Building Activity
  • Random Acts of Kindness for Educators
  • StopBullying.gov
  • The Marshmallow Challenge | A Team Building Activity
  • Values.com: Pass it On
  • Values.com Downloads
  • Video: Boys' Reaction to Bullying Will Melt Your Heart
  • We Are All Human: Words Hurt


  • 70+ Stupendous Sites to Promote Global Education
  • 3 Ways to Teach Global Awareness
  • 11 Facts About Education Around the World
  • Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer
  • Building Tomorrow
  • Caine's Arcade
  • Cupcakes for Cancer | Blakely Colvin
  • Debate Topics for Grades 7-12
  • Examples of Humanitarian Acts
  • Explore Campaigns on DoSomething.org
  • Free the Children
  • Fund A Field
  • Global Awareness Project by Jacqueline Blackshear
  • Global Cardboard Challenge
  • Malala Fund (Includes Malala's story and quite a bit about girls' global education)
  • Quiet at the Back: Classrooms Around the World in Pictures: The Guardian
  • Scholastic News: Child Labor Around the World
  • Sheltering Books, Inc.
  • Sole Hope
  • Teaching Tolerance Lesson Plans
  • TED: A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer... From a Teenager
  • Unesco: Girls' Education Around the World
  • UNICEF Kid Power

    (c) Ms. Jasztal, over the course of many years--2014-2019, and beyond. Remember again, I am not affiliated with any of the websites above.