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Creative Challenges

#oneword2019: Many students are coming up their one word around the world! To drive your year, what is your one word?

Tidbits of Wonder: When I was flying from Chicago to Tampa in the summer of 2018, I came up with this creative idea and wrote this blog post. This idea was inspired by the awesome Tara Martin who came up with #booksnaps! Do you think you can come up with a Tidbit of Wonder? Check out two of my examples below!

Do you want to try #booksnaps? Tara Martin provided a wonderful explanation at her website.

Challenges for a Pen Pal Class

Writing to a pen pal class touches upon numerous concepts. Students take ownership of their learning and share their accomplishments with a broader audience outside their school. They also learn about geography and history of the area where their pen pals live, strengthen their writing skills, and get to express themselves creatively.


  • Make a mini-documentary or even a stop motion animation video about the state where you live.
  • Film the process of a science investigation (demonstration or experiment). Have both classes complete the same activity.
  • Present a challenge to both classes-- perhaps both can choose a word for their year like #oneword2019, or they can do something creative based off of vocabulary words. Perhaps they can share an academic unit they design with one another.
  • The two classes can complete a Kahoot challenge or contribute to a Flipgrid together.
  • Furthermore, locate your pen pal class' school using Google Maps. How many miles are between your two schools? How many hours would it take to get there, driving and flying? How far are both schools from famous attractions like Yellowstone National Park, the Gateway Arch, or the Statue of Liberty? Which bodies of water is the class' school by?

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