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Curriculum Vault:

Featured ELA Downloads:

ELA Reference Sheet

Figurative Language Challenges

Text Features: Theme Park Analysis

ELA Files:

  • "Skill Focus: Analyzing Character Traits-- Mac Shilling from Etola's Keeper" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Analyzing Elements of Plot" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Authors Create Mood" by Ms. Jasztal, taken farther by analyzing Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • "Authors Evoke Mood" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Citing Text Evidence" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "How are Theme and Plot Different?" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Introductions" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Making Inferences with Second Chances" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Pinpointing Characters with Traits" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Pinpoint Figurative Language Using an Excerpt of Etola's Keeper" by Ms. Jasztal
  • Text Analysis Packet with Multiple Choice, Writing, Engineering Challenges, and More (Made October 2018, with 67 pages focusing on informational and literary text)
  • "Text Structure Guide" by Ms. Jasztal

    Math Files:

  • Airline and Hotel Comparisons
  • Algebraic Parentheses Activity
  • Art Shop Area and Division Hybrid Problem
  • College Tuition Word Problem
  • Decimal Charts
  • Decimal Multiplication Representations
  • Expressions and Parentheses Placement
  • Fall Festival Game Questions
  • Garden Supplies Word Problem
  • How Many Batches of Flour Partner Activity: Fraction Comparisons
  • It's Algebraic Game
  • Maker Faire Word Problem
  • Mid-Year Math Analysis Data Reflection Sheet
  • Missing Numerators and Denominators
  • Parentheses Activity
  • Placement Math Test Data Reflection Sheet
  • Pumpkin Pie Math
  • Running Questions: Decimal Connections
  • Spooktacular Math
  • Volume Challenges
  • Where Was the First Mistake Made?
  • Wooden Fraction Circles
  • Your Weight on Saturn

    Science Files:

  • Compilation: Explore the Internet of Science!
  • Science Fair Guide

    Earth Science:

  • Explain the differences between: Cleavage and Fracture
  • Explain the differences between: Extrusive and Intrusive Rocks
  • Explain the differences between: Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
  • Explain the differences between: Magma and Lava
  • Explain the differences between: Outer and Inner Core
  • Explain the differences between: Physical and Chemical Weathering
  • Explain the differences between: Weather and Climate
  • Explain the differences between: Weathering and Deposition
  • Geology: Inquiry Database
  • Geology Museum Project
  • Ideas for Extending Geology
  • Interviewing a Landform
  • Minerals in Your Kitchen
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Sketch It: Geyser Formation and Eruption
  • Sketch It: Identifying Minerals
  • Sketch It: The Rock Cycle
  • Sketch It: The Water Cycle
  • Travel to a Beautiful Geographical Formation!
  • Write a Comic About Surviving an Eruption

    Nature of Science:

  • Science Tools
  • Scientific Method

    Space Science:

  • Amazing Space
  • Space Stories

    Social Studies Files:

  • United States Scavenger Hunt

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