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Incredible Links: First links for STUDENTS, followed by links for EDUCATORS!


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Most of these websites are geared toward students who are in grades 4-8, and several are also for HS. No primary-geared websites. Grade level suggestions noted for some of the sites. I am not affiliated with any of these sites.


  • Beat the Clock Apostrophes Game BBC
  • Biblionasium.com (Like Good Reads; for middle school and younger)
  • Boomwriter (There are three elements: StoryWriter, WordWriter, and ProjectWriter; Grades 4-12)
  • Editing and Proofreading BBC
  • Flocabulary (Vocabulary videos for varied grade levels)
  • FreeRice.com (For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.)
  • Going to Work with Commas
  • Grammarly (Phenomenal grammar/proofreading resource)
  • How Referencing Other Texts Can Help a Writer Communicate Their Ideas BBC
  • Hyperbole in Pop Culture (More for MS and above) by Mr. Wasko
  • Hyperbole/Tall Tale Prezi by Dana Hoover
  • It's Greek to Me! Game
  • LitPick (Teen literature review website)
  • (VIRTUAL!) Nature Magnetic Poetry Kit
  • Past, Present, or Future Tense BBC
  • Put Text Into Sentences Game BBC
  • Shakespeare in Bits (Very upper end of MS, HS)
  • Sketchnoting Advice from Rose Rodriguez
  • Text Types BBC
  • The Do Write Campaign (Global literacy magazine//middle and high school students)
  • Verb Subject Treasure Hunt Game BBC
  • Visual.ly (Infographics//Middle and high school)
  • Vocab Grabber
  • Walden Media
  • Who Owns What? Game BBC
  • Word Jungle (Only goes as high as Grade 6)
  • Write the World

    Sites with Written, Audio, and Video Content for Students:

  • 9 TED Talks from Impressive Kids
  • CNN Student News
  • Crash Course Kids
  • Dogonews
  • NBC Learn
  • Newsela
  • PBS NewsHour Extra
  • Scholastic Science World (Need to have a teacher who subscribes.)
  • Science News for Students-- Society for Science
  • Smithsonian Tween Tribune: Articles can be adjusted to meet four different Lexile levels!
  • TED-Ed Videos
  • TED Talks for Kids
  • TIME for Kids
  • Wonderopolis

    Math for Grade 4-5 Students:

  • Alien Angles
  • Area Models for Multiplication of Fractions
  • Bamzooki Fraction Challenge
  • Classifying Quadrilaterals
  • Decention: Fraction, Decimal, Percent Grouping Game
  • Finding the Better Deal: Brainpop
  • Fruit Shoot: Adding Fractions
  • Fruit Shoot: Equivalent Fractions
  • Fruit Splat: Comparing Decimals
  • The Legend of Dick and Dom: Decimals
  • Math Live from LearnAlberta.ca
  • Matching Math: Decimal Addition
  • MathMan: Equivalent Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
  • Real-Life Math Video: Chef
  • Scooter Quest: Decimal Place Value
  • Snow Sprint: Multiplying Fractions
  • Soccer Math: Dividing Fractions
  • Speedway: Adding Fractions
  • Virtual Fraction Tiles

    Math for Middle School Students:

  • Countdown Game
  • Diamond Mine (Four-quadrant coordinate grid game)
  • Fruit Splat: Greatest Common Factor
  • Get the Math from Thirteen.org
  • Math in Real Life Series: TED-Ed
  • Mixing Lemonade Challenge
  • Multiplying Powers Together
  • Prime or Composite Monkey Drive
  • Ratio Stadium
  • Scale City: Ratios with Restaurant Orders
  • School Yourself: Algebra
  • School Yourself: Geometry
  • Scale City: Three Dimensional Scaling


  • Build A Fish (Shedd Aquarium Interactive Activity)
  • One Ocean Interactive (Biome game; requires download)
  • Virtual Salmon Dissection Game
  • Wolfquest (Adaptations/biomes game; requires download)
  • Zoo Matchmakers Game

    Science/Biomes, Earth and Environmental:

  • Antarctic Ecosystem
  • Build-A-Prairie
  • Climate Challenge from BBC
  • Climate Connections Interactive Map
  • Cloud Types
  • Documenting Glacial Change
  • Erosion and Weathering
  • Exploring the Arctic Seafloor
  • How Caves Form
  • Interactive Biomes
  • Interactive Water Cycle DK
  • MBGnet Biome Exploration
  • Life Cycle of a Seed Plant
  • Observing Antarctica
  • Plants, Inside and Out DK
  • Tracking Glacial Clues for Climate Change
  • Virtual Barrier Reef
  • Virtual Field Trip: Wild Biomes
  • Water Vapor's Role in Climate Change
  • What are the different types of land environments?


  • 100,000 Stars
  • Amazing Space
  • Asteroids and Comets Info from National Geographic
  • Comet Facts from KidsKonnect
  • Cosmos4Kids
  • Explore Mars from NASA
  • Google Sky
  • How Big Is Our Universe?
  • How Big is Space? Interactive from BBC
  • APP: Mars Gen One: Argubot Academy: Description from GlassLab: "Step into the boots of the first human on Mars and decide the fate of your city by sending Argubots into battles of wit and persuasion. Made in collaboration with NASA and the National Writing Project, Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is a new immersive gaming experience with adventure and strategy elements you’ve never seen before!"
  • The Moon (Scholastic StudyJams)
  • NASA's Eyes (Requires download)
  • NASA's First 50 Years
  • Solar System 101 NASA
  • Solar System Scope
  • Studying the Topography of Titan
  • Sun Lab Interactive (NOVA)
  • Tour the Solar System
  • Virtual International Space Station
  • Why Do We Have Seasons?

    Science/Energy, Physics, and Chemistry:

  • Acids and Bases: Kitchen Chemistry
  • Amusement Park Physics
  • Anatomy of a Firework PBS
  • Audio Pong (Exploratorium)
  • Chem4Kids
  • Circuitry Lab
  • Elements 4D
  • Energy, Light, and Sound from Scholastic Study Jams
  • Energy Star Kids
  • Energy Transfer and Storage BBC
  • Human Touch of Chemistry: Interactive Periodic Table
  • Is Popcorn Popping a Chemical or Physical Change?
  • Lift and Drag
  • Matter Sorter from BrainPop
  • Renewable Fuels Slideshow
  • Scale City (Musical Scales; Sound Waves)
  • Series and Parallel Circuitry
  • Superhero Science TED-Ed
  • Thermal Energy Transfer
  • Understanding Four Types of Friction with a Bicycle
  • Virtual pH Lab

    Science/Engineering and Experimentation:

  • 10 Reasons to Love Engineering Infographic from Raytheon
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Boeing Centennial
  • Building Big from PBS
  • Design Squad Engineering Challenges
  • Discover Engineering (Middle School Challenges)
  • eGFI (One of the most intriguing websites I've seen)
  • Engineering Units and Lessons for Grades 7-9 NASA
  • Exploratorium Science Snacks
  • Let's Build a Rollercoaster
  • NASA Communications Engineer
  • Physical Science Challenges for Grades 4-6 NASA
  • Rocket Science 101 (Game)

    Science/Human Body:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
  • Exploratorium's Cow Eye Dissection
  • NOVA's Map of the Human Heart (Interactive)

    Social Studies/Geography:

  • 3D Geography (Intriguing site that focuses on a plethora of neat information and 3D maps/profile pages for seven countries)
  • Arctic Adventure
  • Conquer the States! Game
  • Coordinates: A Latitude and Longitude Game
  • Geography4Kids
  • GlobalTrek (Virtual travel site from Scholastic)
  • GIS Vocabulary
  • Landforms Central Game
  • Virtual Mount Everest

    Social Studies/American History:

  • American Revolution Battle Tactics
  • American Revolution Resources from Mr. Nussbaum
  • Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation: 1790-Today
  • Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
  • Civil War Resources from Mr. Nussbaum
  • Digital Vaults from the National Archives
  • Explorer Route Maps from Mr. Nussbaum
  • French and Indian War Resources from Mr. Nussbaum
  • Help Lincoln Get to the White House Game
  • Library of Congress American Memory
  • Mission-US.org (AMAZING and visually brilliant American history games)
  • On the Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure
  • Patriot Spy Game
  • The Price of Freedom: Americans at War
  • Strike It Rich: A Gold Rush Game
  • Thinkin' About the Lincoln Memorial from Kids Discover
  • Thirteen Colonies Resources from Mr. Nussbaum
  • Westward Expansion Resources from Mr. Nussbaum
  • Which Founding Father Are You? Quiz
  • Young George Washington's Adventures

    Social Studies/Specifically Post-Reconstruction:

  • AnneFrank.com: Reader's Companion
  • Anne Frank's Secret Annex Online
  • Inside World War II Interactive

    YouTube Channels:

  • Adafruit Industries (Maker Movement)
  • The Brain Scoop (From Chicago's Field Museum)
  • Crash Course
  • It's Okay to Be Smart (Unique science-centric channel that teaches tons of intriguing facts)
  • KQED Deep Look
  • MathMovesU from Raytheon
  • MAKE Magazine (Maker Movement)
  • MAKE Magazine (Kids) (Maker Movement)
  • Mr. Parr (Science-related music videos set to popular tunes; has been perfect for my fifth graders)
  • Mr. Wasko (While Mr. Parr is amazing in science, Mr. Wasko is all about ELA and has a plethora of book reviews! He teaches middle school.)
  • Physics Girl
  • SciShow (One can learn so much from Hank and Michael. Enough said.)
  • SciShow Space (Extension of SciShow with a space-centric theme)
  • Super Awesome Sylvia (Maker Movement-- Since these were made when she was younger, it's great for the upper elementary crowd.)
  • TED-Ed
  • Tested (Adam Savage-- Don't worry that Mythbusters is over because he is still very much around!)

    For Developing Projects Creatively:

  • Animatron
  • Animoto
  • BeFunky.com (Photo editing site)
  • Best Infographic Design Apps and Websites (According to Graphite.org)
  • Cube Creator (Perfect for ELA classes)
  • Glogster
  • Haiku Deck
  • The Hero's Journey
  • Kahoot
  • Magisto Video Creation/Editing
  • MindMeister: Collaborative mind mapping
  • Mixbook.com (Book creator tool; options for printing can be costly, but the quality is AWESOME)
  • Padlet
  • Popplet (Visual mind mapping)
  • Prezi
  • Profile Publisher
  • Resume Generator
  • Ribbet.com (Photo editing site)
  • Spaaze (Virtual corkboard)
  • Storyboard That
  • Timeline Tool
  • Trading Card Creator
  • Wordle

    Royalty-Free Images: Good for graphic design, art, and school projects: PLEASE remember whenever you use ANY graphics to give the sources credit!

  • Backgrounds ETC. from MySiteMyWay
  • Fuzzimo Graphics
  • Jay Mantri
  • Reptiles and Amphibians Image Bank

    Culture, The Arts, and the Maker Movement:

  • Adafruit Projects (Maker Movement)
  • Animation Mentor
  • Codeavengers (Coding)
  • Codecademy (Coding)
  • DIY.org
  • E-Nable: Build A Hand
  • Gaming and Instrument Websites for the MaKey MaKey
  • Getting Started with Arduino Esplora
  • Google Art Project
  • LED Origami (Adafruit)
  • littleBits (Numerous guides and ideas here)
  • Make a LilyTiny Plush Monster
  • Sew Electric: Bookmark Book Light
  • Sewn Circuits (Exploratorium)
  • Tinkering Studio/Projects (Maker Projects)
  • Treehouse (Coding)

    Simply Interesting:

  • CandyFab Project
  • Classic Mario Level Editor (Not available at our school, so try at home.)
  • (VIRTUAL) Geek Magnetic Poetry Kit
  • Inside the White House Interactive Tour
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour
  • The Virtual Cave


    Individuals with phenomenal resources on their sites:

  • Dr. Howie DiBlasi (Focus on Walt Disney's philosophy in the classroom and the Maker Movement)
  • Gina Marcel (Professor at Columbia University who focuses on e-textiles in education and the Maker Movement)
  • Dan Meyer (Absolute mathematical guru with tons of creative lessons and ideas)
  • Tracee Orman (Middle School Language Arts Teacher)
  • Shauna Pollock (Creating Classroom Magic; focus on Walt Disney's philosophy in the classroom)
  • Diana Rendina (Renovated Learning; the Maker Movement)

    Individuals who have inspired me for at least a decade... and still inspire me today:

  • Angela Bunyi
  • Beth Newingham
  • Heather Renz
  • Laura Candler

    Inspirational Bloggers:

  • Angela Watson-- The Cornerstone for Teachers (Blog within page)
  • The Clutter-Free Classroom
  • Dennis Dill-- Box Breakout
  • Erin Klein-- Kleinspiration
  • Fancying 4th and Trendy Tech
  • Finding JOY in Sixth Grade
  • Gifted Exchange
  • I'm Lovin' Lit
  • Jennifer Runde-- Runde's Room
  • Joan Concilio-- Unschool Rules
  • Krissy Venosdale
  • Mind/Shift
  • Miss Math Dork
  • Mrs. T's Middle Grades
  • NOVA Labs Blog
  • Smack Dab in the Middle (School)
  • Starr Sackstein
  • Tammy Neil-- Teaching Now...
  • Teaching is a Gift
  • Teaching to Inspire in 5th
  • Teaching With a Mountain View
  • Technology Tailgate
  • Techy Things Teachers Should Try
  • Todd Nesloney-- Ninja Reflections on Education


  • Twelve Assignments Every Middle School Student Should Write-- Gary Chadwell

    Math Resources:

  • Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade
  • Fractions Progression Module (Grades 3-5)
  • The Futures Channel
  • Get the Math on Thirteen.org
  • LearnNC-- Standards-- Mathematics
  • Math in Real Life Series from TED-Ed
  • Math Games for Skills and Concepts, Posted on gvsu.edu
  • Math Games for the Classroom-- Grades 6-8, Posted on NCTM.org
  • Math Journals Boost Real Learning, a .pdf file from Marilyn Burns on Mathsolutions.com
  • Real World Math-- With Lessons that Use Google Earth
  • Skill-Building Math Games and Activities on Washmath.org
  • Teaching Channel-- Teaching Math with Real World Examples
  • The Three Acts of a Mathematical Story from Dan Meyer (See him on TED-ED here)
  • Would You Rather? Math Weblog from John Stevens
  • Win-Win Math Games, a .pdf file from Marilyn Burns on Mathsolutions.com

    For Locating Science Content and Experiments:

  • 101 Effective Earth Science Demonstrations Using Only One or Two Items-- Colorado.edu
  • Candy Experiments
  • Earth Science Classroom Activities from the Kentucky Geological Survey
  • Experiland.com ($)
  • JoVE Science Education Video Database (Wonderful for advanced middle school, high school)
  • NASA for Educators
  • NOVA Labs from PBS
  • Squishy Circuits-- University of St. Thomas (Link to MAKE Article)
  • String Machine from the Exploratorium
  • Ten Awesome Science Experiments Your Teachers Forgot to Show You!
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation Science Labs

    Focusing on Engineering Challenges, Makerspaces, and STEAM:

  • Maker Faire-- Science Category
  • Makerspace Playbook from Makerspace.com
  • Mt. Elliott Makerspace
  • PBS Design Squad
  • STEAM-- Not STEM
  • Teachengineering.org

    Other Lesson Plans/Units:

  • The Leader in Me
  • (Growth) Mindset Kit
  • "What is Self-Esteem?" from Learning to Give

    Online "Professional Development":

  • Coursera.org-- The Tinkering Studio from The Exploratorium
  • Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning on ASCD.org

    Products Worth Paying For:

  • Got to Teach: Critical Thinking Literature Circles
  • Got to Teach: Critical Thinking Task Cards for Literature
  • Got to Teach: Fifth Grade Language Interactive Notebook

    (c) Ms. Jasztal, over the course of many years--2014-2019, and beyond. Remember again, I am not affiliated with any of the websites above.