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Delving into Wearable Electronics

When I started the middle school Technology Club and began learning about how fascinating technology truly was, I was quite ambitious in thinking that I was going to conquer wearable electronics from the get-go. When Radio Shack held its closing sale and I purchased four spools of conductive thread, I thought, Now is the time! As soon as I tried to sew an LED with conductive thread to a piece of felt, however, I… failed, and the few in club who attempted it did not succeed, either.

We’re all bright individuals, I thought to myself. It could have been the tutorial we used. It could have been trillions of factors that led to the epic wearable electronic fail of 2015.

Summer came, and I officially found out I was visiting California, and ultimately, the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I concluded I may be able to find out something when I visit the Exploratorium, but furthermore, I conducted research and was led to a phenomenal plethora of resources:

Sew Electric: A Collection of DIY Projects that Combine Fabric, Electronics, and Programming | Leah Buechley, Kanjun Qiu, and Sonja de Boer

Sewn Circuits | Exploratorium

Sewn Circuits .pdf Guide | Exploratorium

Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits | Emily Lovell

LilyPad Electronics Overview | Sticker Sheet | SparkFun

Lighting Up a Basic Circuit Tutorial | SparkFun Tutorial

I especially learned about the LilyPad E-Sewing Kit on SparkFun and 10mm tinted LEDs Evil Mad Scientist (another place in California) sells. So I purchased both items and waited patiently to conquer the “once-impossible” word of wearable electronics.

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