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During the 2013-2014 school year, I learned about the MaKey MaKey, which the STEM teacher at our school purchased for my fifth grade students to use. Since then, my middle school Technology Club students have delved into exploring the possibilities of this incredible gadget. The MaKey MaKey was designed by two MIT graduate students, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, and utilizes a USB cord to connect its circuit board to your computer. Alligator clips hook up to certain parts of the MaKey MaKey so you can use a banana as a space bar, for example. Essentially, anything that is conductive works, so you can use aluminum foil, graphite pencil sketches, Play-Doh, water, and most fruits.

The basic keys the MaKey MaKey hooks up to are the arrow keys , space bar, and click button. Here are some games and online instruments that utilize these keys.


Games you can control with arrow keys (and) the space bar:

Tetris Game

Mario Brothers | Arrow Keys and Space Bar

Marioland | Arrow Keys and Space Bar (Bonus: You can create your own levels!)

Super Mario Flash 2 (Bonus: You can create your own levels!)

Jumping Arrows

Arrow Dance


A Maze Race

Instrument Frenzy


Fireboy and Lava Girl in the Forest Temple | One with MakeyMakey Controls Fireboy

Fireboy and Lava Girl 4

MaKey MaKey Pong




MaKey MaKey Drum Machine

Music Machine

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