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Tech Club Workshop, September 2015: Origami and Light-Up Artwork

At this workshop, you are learning about origami and lighting up artwork. There are numerous ways in which you can hook up LEDs, and one of the best ways is utilizing Chibitronics circuit stickers.

Here are the two types of origami we are folding at this workshop. The instructions come from a website called Origami Fun, and I am not affiliated with the site. There are video tutorials as well as .pdf files you can access.

After we learn about folding origami, we are learning about circuitry stickers. The Chibitronics website gets you started, and then you learn a great deal about the capability of the stickers by exploring.

Here is an advanced project utilizing origami and circuitry stickers, posted by SparkFun Electronics on YouTube:

Here is an easy way of getting LEDs to light up with just a coin cell battery, posted by Adafruit:

Last, here is a really cool idea that Evil Mad Scientist Labs posted where you can make a “lantern” of sorts. I am bringing a lantern to the meeting with me that has a different configuration inside, but you can do whatever you like!

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