Technology Club Meetings

Technology Club Credo

So you have decided to be a member of Technology Club! Whether you are a first- or second-year member, your knowledge will expand exponentially this year. Yet before we delve into projects and “change the world”, per se, we are establishing a credo. That means we have a vision and are grounded in our purpose.

  • We vow to enhance our school as well as help our community.
  • Mistakes and failure are okay! Persist and learn from every experience. You may fail numerous times, but at least you tried.
  • Everyone in this club possesses different background knowledge about technology. We respect every member’s strength, understanding we always are capable of growing.
  • Another huge component of Technology Club is respect and leadership.
  • More than anything, NEVER give up and always aspire to learn. It may take a bit of research to understand how something functions– and neither Mrs. Guerrier nor myself are going to conduct 100% of the research for you.
  • When you start a project, you will have a purpose and vision. Your prototype may be modified numerous times, and that is okay. The biggest goal behind that is how you will not hook up littleBits just to hook them up or use the MaKey MaKey to just play video games.
  • So all in all, we are an interactive club that will accomplish great things this year.

Why are there makers? We don’t just make for the “sake of making”, do we? 

Well, first, I want you to watch this. We make for a purpose.

We are kind of like journalists. 

When you develop a project, you should focus on all aspects (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?). What materials will you need? Whose expertise can you utilize, either online or in-person?

Please remain committed to our club, and talk to us if you have any ideas for extending our vision or concerns. We appreciate every single one of you and hope to make this year a phenomenal experience for all involved. Thank you!

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