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Side Project for September 2015: Mod Podge!

Sometimes this year, we are going to complete some side projects in Tech Club! One of those will be making a custom design with magazines, stickers, or comic books, a paintbrush, scissors, and Mod Podge. (Small Mod Podge bottles are actually being sold in the $1 section at Target right now!)

The possibilities of this side project are endless, and it is one inspired by our local library’s summer program. One of our local librarians had people make light switch plates with comic books.

Here are some more ideas for your Mod Podge side project, though you can complete any kind of project:

  • You can mod podge inexpensive furniture (I purchased a $5.00 table once from Goodwill and made it into our class’ “travel table”)
  • You can make custom lanterns (with LEDs hooked up inside).
  • You can make origami out of magazine cutouts, hook it up using LEDs, and reinforce the origami with Mod Podge.
  • You can make a custom lamp shade.
  • You can make a custom notebook or binder cover. You can even personalize your agenda.
  • Remember, the possibilities are endless! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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