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Tech Club Workshop, September 2015: Paper Circuitry with Copper Tape

Recommended materials to bring to the workshop, especially if you want to keep all components of your design: 

  • At least (1) 3-volt coin cell battery
  • Some 5mm LEDs
  • Conductive tape
  • Regular Scotch tape
  • Artistic materials (colored pencils, markers, crayons, paints, oil pastels, etc.)
  • Cardstock or any kind of paper you want to make your design on
  • Velcro dots

If you are designing a parallel circuit, it’s pretty easy. You just need to remember to connect the longer end of the LED to the positive side of the circuit and the shorter end to the negative side. 

Here is a really neat tutorial from High Low Tech about paper circuitry using copper tape. All you need, bare minimum, are: a 3V coin cell battery, 1/4-inch copper tape, and either circuit stickers or easy-to-mount LEDs that cost .50 each.

There are some unique ideas for art as well as switches you can implement in your design. Here are more ideas from the Diligent Inc. website.

There is also a very cool resource on the Chibitronics website called the “Sound Sensor Treasure Map” that uses circuit stickers. You may see the words “sound sensor” and be confused, but they have more stickers than just those that light up!

Chibitronics circuit stickers have a + and – side, so do not forget to place them in the proper configuration so your series or parallel circuits function properly.

We are also going to dissect a few interactive greeting cards at this meeting. If you have one, please bring one. You are going to learn about how they work with music, lit components, buttons, and more. 

There is a very similar workshop to this one that focuses on origami. This one focuses more on drawing designs.

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