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This is a page for FIFTH GRADE students and families to work on Common Core math skills they need to strengthen. The first part is dedicated to skill remediation, and the last part is dedicated to advancing specific skills even farther if success has been met with all the top skills. Those are mainly middle school skills, so this site is not too bad for those students as well because of the resources I have included.

Virtual anchor chart gallery coming soon!

I am not affiliated with any of the sites below unless mentioned otherwise.

I need to strengthen: DECIMAL PLACE VALUE.

  • Some of the Interactive Notebook pages we used from Teaching with a Mountain View
  • Scholastic StudyJams Step-by-Step Tutorial: Place Value of Decimals
  • Scholastic StudyJams Step-by-Step Tutorial: Place Decimals on a Number Line
  • Interactive Lesson: Finding Place Values of Decimals
  • IXL: Place Values in Decimal Numbers
  • Game: Matching Math: Tenths
  • Game: Matching Math: Hundredths
  • Game: Decimals in Space
  • Game: Scooter Quest
  • Game: Football Math
  • Game we played in class: Decimal Place Value Yahtzee from Games4Gains.com

    I need to strengthen: DECIMAL COMPARISONS.

  • Math Goodies: Comparing Decimals
  • Khan Academy Tutorial: Comparing Decimals
  • IXL: Comparing Decimals
  • Interactive from BBC: Ordering Decimals
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Comparing Decimals

    I need to strengthen: ROUNDING DECIMALS.

  • Tutorial: Rounding Decimals: Khan Academy
  • Tutorial: How do you round a decimal to a given place value?
  • IXL: Rounding Decimals
  • Game: Half-Court Rounding
  • Game: Scooter Quest
  • Game: Decimal Sharks
  • Game: Baseball Math


  • Game: Decimals of the Caribbean


  • Tutorials: Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Khan Academy
  • Tutorial: How do you subtract decimals?
  • Interactive: Decimal Number Bonds
  • Interactive: Decimal Workshop
  • Puzzler: The Number Conundrum: Adding Decimals
  • Interactive: Math at the Mall
  • Game: Hotel Decimalfornia
  • Game: Adding Decimals Baseball

    I need to strengthen: DECIMAL MULTIPLICATION.

  • Tutorial: Multiplying Decimals: Khan Academy
  • Tutorial: How do you multiply a decimal by a whole number?
  • Interactive: Decimal Workshop

    I need to strengthen: DECIMAL DIVISION.

  • Tutorial: Dividing Decimals
  • Interactive: Decimal Workshop
  • Tutorial: How do you divide a decimal by a decimal?
  • Brainpop: Finding the Better Deal


  • Tutorial: Dividing Whole Numbers to Get a Decimal: Khan Academy
  • IXL: Division with Decimal Quotients
  • Practice: Division with Decimal Quotients
  • Game: Division: Answers as Fractions

    I need to strengthen: MULTI-DIGIT MULTIPLICATION.

  • Tutorial: Multiplying Multiple-Digit Numbers: Khan Academy
  • Video: The Donut Doze-Off
  • Practice: Long Multiplication
  • Game: Grand Slam Math

    I need to strengthen: LONG DIVISION.

  • Interactive Tutorial: Division Pal
  • Video: Area Model for Division
  • Drag-and-Drop Math: Division

    I need to strengthen: ALGEBRA.

  • Interactive Tutorial: Exploring Order of Operations
  • Game: Order of Operations #1
  • Game: Order of Operations #4
  • Game: Order Ops (Order of Operations)
  • Game: Hoop Shoot
  • Game: Algebraic Expressions Hundredaire
  • Game: Order of Operations on XPMath
  • Game: PEMDAS Blaster
  • Game: Brackets in Number Operations: Two-Step
  • Game: Math Pac Man
  • Game: Teacher Dodgeball
  • Make X: Level 1
  • Make X: Level 2
  • Make X: Level 3
  • Make X: Level 4

    I need to strengthen: ALGEBRAIC FUNCTION TABLES.

  • Scholastic StudyJams: Algebraic Function Tables

    I need to strengthen: COMPARING FRACTIONS.

  • Game: Number Climb: Ordering Fractions
  • Game: Dirt Bike Tug Team: Comparing Fractions
  • Game: Gap Zappers
  • Game: Level 3: Balloon Pop: Ordering Fractions

    I need to strengthen: FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, AND PERCENTS.

  • Virtual Manipulatives: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Interactive: The Decifractator
  • Video: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Game: Decention
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Converting Fractions to Decimals
  • Game: Death to Decimals
  • Game: Lunch Line
  • Game: Slide to the Top
  • Game: Flower Power: Ordering Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

    I need to strengthen: EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS.

  • Tutorial: Equivalent Fractions: Khan Academy
  • Game: Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop
  • Game: Fraction Dolphins
  • Game: Melvin's Make a Match
  • Game: Fraction Poker

    I need to strengthen: FINDING COMMON DENOMINATORS.

  • Tutorial: How do you find a common denominator and a least common denominator?
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Least Common Denominator
  • Game: Snowball Fight


  • Tutorial: Khan Academy: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
  • Scholastic Study Jams: Add and Subtract with Unlike Denominators
  • Interactive Tutorial: Fraction Pal
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Fraction Addition
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Fraction Subtraction
  • Game: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Board Game
  • Game: Football Math: Fraction Addition
  • Game: Genius Defender

    I need to strengthen: MULTIPLYING FRACTIONS.

  • Area Models: Multiplication of Fractions
  • Interactive Tutorial: Fraction Pal
  • Practice: Fraction Multiplication
  • Practice: Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Game: SnowSprint Fractions
  • Game: Multiplying Fractions Millionaire
  • Game: Soccer Math: Multiplying Fractions

    I need to strengthen: DIVIDING FRACTIONS.

  • Interactive Tutorial: Fraction Pal
  • Practice: Divide Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Game: Moonshot: Dividing Fractions
  • Game: Dividing Fractions (XPMath)
  • Cumulative Fraction Computation Game


  • Scholastic StudyJams: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  • Tutorial: Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators: Khan Academy
  • Video: Khan Academy: Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  • Video: Khan Academy: Subtracting Mixed Numbers, Part II Video: Reagan MKey: Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Renaming
  • Practice: Subtract Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators

    I need to strengthen: MULTIPLYING MIXED NUMBERS.

  • Tutorial: Multiplying Mixed Numbers: Khan Academy
  • Video: Northstar15: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
  • Video: Khan Academy: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
  • Finding the Fraction of a Set
  • Practice: Multiplying Mixed Numbers
  • IXL: Multiplying a Mixed Number by a Fraction

    I need to strengthen: DIVIDING MIXED NUMBERS.

  • Jeopardy: Multiplying and Dividing Mixed Numbers


  • Practice: Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions
  • Game: Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop
  • Game: Matching Mixed Fractions
  • Game: Fraction Fling: Identify Mixed Numbers
  • Game: Mathman: Converting from Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

    I need to strengthen: VOLUME.

  • Videos on Volume: LearnZillion
  • Tutorial: Volume of a Rectangular Prism
  • Interactive Activity: Fill 'Er Up
  • Practice: What is the Volume?
  • Practice: Interactive Stuff: Volume
  • IXL: Volume
  • Video: Calculating Volume: Tunnel Construction
  • Game: Volume Shapes Shoot
  • Game: Cube Perspective
  • Game: Minecraft Volume
  • Game: Calculating the Volume of Rectangular Prisms

    I need to strengthen: ADDITIVE VOLUME.

  • Video: LearnZillion: Volume of an Irregular Solid
  • IXL: Irregular Volume

    I need to strengthen: COORDINATE GRIDS.

  • Online Interactive Coordinate Grid
  • Interactive Coordinate Grid #2
  • Video: Graphing Points on a Coordinate Grid: Harry's Feet Compete!
  • Practice: Simple Coordinates
  • Game: (Un)Earthworms: Play Coordinate Grid "Battleship" with the Computer

    I need to strengthen: 2D SHAPE PROPERTIES.

  • Video: Classifying Quadrilaterals
  • Interactive Venn Diagram for Classifying Shapes
  • Scholastic StudyJams: Classify Quadrilaterals
  • Practice: Facts About Quadrilaterals

    I need to strengthen: MEASUREMENT CONVERSIONS.

  • Scholastic StudyJams: Customary Units of Measurement
  • Game: Artie Ounces Soda Jerk
  • Game: Sal's Sub Shop
  • Game: Horrendous Soup
  • Game: Best Customary Measure
  • Game: Matching Math: Converting Ounces to Pounds
  • Game: Best Metric Measure
  • Game: Matching Math: Metric Volume
  • Game: Matching Math: Metric Mass
  • Game: Matching Math: Metric Length
  • Puzzle: Math Pup Puzzle Measurement
  • Game: Measurement Mania

    I want to advance even farther with NUMBER SENSE.

  • Game: Tae Kwon Donuts: Positive and Negative Numbers
  • Game: Fruit Splat: Greatest Common Factor
  • Game: Factorization Forest
  • Game: Sigma Prime: Prime Factorization
  • Game: Factorization Forest
  • Game: Number Ninja: Prime Numbers

    I want to advance even farther with DECIMALS.

  • Game: Tipster (Calculating Restaurant Tips)
  • Game: Percent Circle

    I want to advance even farther with FRACTIONS.

  • Game: Ratio Stadium
  • Game: Ratio Martian
  • Game: Finding Equal Ratios (Space Theme)
  • Game: Dirt Bike Proportions

    I want to advance even farther with GEOMETRY.

  • MangaHigh Geometry Database: Goes well into middle school content.
  • Game: Alien Angles

    I want to advance even farther with ALGEBRA.

  • Game: Negative and Positive Speed Math
  • Tutorial: Function Tables Teach Algebra
  • Game: Jabara: Algebraic Simplification


  • AdaptedMind
  • Math Blaster

    Creative Math!:

  • Three Acts of a Mathematical Story (Certainly advanced, but intriguing and interesting with video links/strong explanations. Wonderful for middle schoolers.)
  • Would You Rather Math: Two scenarios are printed for each math problem on this website. You choose a path and then have to justify it with mathematical evidence.

    (c) Ms. Jasztal, over the course of many years-- 2014-2019 and beyond.