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Language Arts

Welcome to the Language Arts section of the website. Below, locate resources that will help you in class. There is also an IMMENSELY valuable section of .pdfs called the "Virtual Notebook".

  • Types of connections you can make-- text to text, text to self, text to world
  • Author's purposes-- explain, inform, persuade, entertain
  • Conflicts in stories-- man vs. man, man vs. world, man vs. nature, man vs. society

    Words, Words, and More Words--

  • The Vocabularian's Vault

    The Virtual Notebook--

    I am affilitated with some of these resources. Those I am not affiliated with, though, I have noted the individual or website that created the resource. The link also forwards to the original document.

  • "Skill Focus: Analyzing Character Traits-- Mac Shilling from Etola's Keeper" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Analyzing Elements of Plot" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Authors Create Mood" by Ms. Jasztal, taken farther by analyzing Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • "Authors Evoke Mood" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Citing Text Evidence" by Ms. Jasztal
  • Figurative Language Resource Page | Read-Write-Think
  • "How are Theme and Plot Different?" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Making Inferences with Second Chances" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Pinpointing Characters with Traits" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Pinpoint Figurative Language Using an Excerpt of Etola's Keeper" by Ms. Jasztal
  • "Text Structure Guide" by Ms. Jasztal
  • Understanding Character Analysis | Scholastic.com
  • Writing Skills That Add Magic to Your Writing | Melissa Forney

    Poetry-- I am not affiliated with any of these links besides one.

  • The Arrow and the Song | Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Before My Eyes | A Poem for My Students | Ms. Jasztal
  • A Plethora of Fifth Grade Poetry, Compiled by D131.org

    (c) Ms. Jasztal, over the course of many years--2014-2019, and beyond.